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This Watching Eye never sleeps...

This Watching Eye never sleeps…

Earlier in the year someone broke into the house and stole a few small items. Small, but they were items of comfort – like a pair of binoculars that I used on a daily basis.  Because he had stolen a hand saw I had carelessly left in the yard, I suspected  that the burglar was the fisherman who lives downriver…

Busted!  I chose to pretend not to notice until I pondered how to approach him...

Busted! I chose to pretend not to notice; I pondered the best way to approach him…  “He needs it more than I,”  I said to myself.

I also thought that I might find the saw later beneath some leaves or misplaced in the house or gardens.  At the time there was no fence around the house, and I should have been more careful about leaving the saw outside where I had been working.

P1890802 ooo jaimes home

When I pondered his basic life and lack of proper shelter, I reacted (after adjusting to the loss) with compassion instead of anger. I realized how lucky I am to have been born into a loving family, to have been raised with a loose rein, with the freedom to grow up with a proper education balanced with an immersion in nature. How might I have evolved if I had no proper roof over my head or a formal education and the best shoes I owned were a mismatched set of rubber boots?

P1480950 cangrejo canoa o

The canoe leaks but has character.

Instead of being angry, I decided to approach him through mischievous and creative ways.

With the help of friends, I placed a sign on the riverbank and stated that I knew who had stolen my saw and that the duendes (trolls) were going to be protecting me.   Taped to the door is a sign that says that anyone who steals will be affected by a shaman’s curse.  Guarding the door is a small little papier mache ‘man’ with sticks and feathers and a wedge of burned incense. (More about the incense below)   Inside the house is a note on the steps that demands, “Return my things, bad person!”

When I see him on the river, I burn an aromatic wood called Palo Santo (Holy Stick) and play the shaman’s drumming music!   I have painted little eyes on the driftwood throughout the yard and house, and this past week a great big pictorial message greets anyone who looks at the gate.


Do you think this will deter a future thief?! I am sure most that pass by will say, “She’s gone a little bit too crazy…” Reflecting on that I think of this song which marries the ‘watching” theme with my life here on the river.

Many people have visited the house; most say that they admire the life that I have and wish they could simplify as well. Some say that I have inspired them. Some just look, absorb the essence of the floors, the birds, the total immersion in nature, and they smile.


“Surprise surprise! – Step into the Magical Mystery Tour!”

But back to the gate, the eyes, and the theme of the watchful eyes; my Ecuadorian friends chuckle at the messages.  One suggested placing a real human bone over the door and no one would dare cross that protected area.   But where would one obtain a human bone?!

Do you have any suggestions to make a thief think twice before trespassing?

Do you know of more ‘Watching You” or “Eye” songs?  If so, add the youtube link to your comment.    This one seems appropriate:

as well as this:

I am writing this from town and am about to retrieve some little pieces of mirror to glue to the tiny eyes on the gate. I will be be home without reliable internet but will be back in town on Monday. I look forward to reading your suggestions!

Z – (Oops, I meant ‘Suzanne’)