Jama Ecuador – This sweet token of affection was perched on my balcony this morning, and the Valentine’s Rabbit was still in sight on the grounds of Hostal Palo Santo!


She and her dear mother worked yesterday on arrangements for this special day.  They set up in a little space near the center of town and graciouslly allowed me to take photos.

p1150373-valentines-flowers-abuela p1150590-valentines-y-xavier p1150580-valentines-abuelita-y-nieve p1150583-valentines-abuelita-y-nieve

Nieve is now downtown and will be selling their floral arrangements.  After a quick check on the VIP bird in a nearby marsh, I’ll keep her company for a while.

Thanks to all of you for your amazing support of my art, photos and stories.  May the day smile on everyone!



About that VIP bird:  It’s an Andean Coot, which is way way way out of its normal range! And yes, it’s presence has been noted on eBird!