I have to laugh.

That mustang of an epistle fired out of the gate just minutes after it was pasted into the WP format, and while I was searching for the images.   I wrote it last night, went to sleep and have not edited it at all.

The WordPress format showed a new ‘red’ attention-getting notice to ‘Refresh connection with Linkedin’ which I did – and I suppose that prompted the “Publish’ option.

Perdon!  The post was totally unedited, so I will follow now with images and other links.   I also intended to mention this approach to the equinox.   Years ago I remember reading that ‘more storms are spawned on the September equinox than any other day of the year.’     I have no idea if it’s true or not, but the Atlantic seems to be extremely active during this period – especially this year!

September 2019 – How the world has changed since last year’s Killa Raymi Equinox ‘Girls’ Trip.’ What a serene experience.

After brushing the blues into the still-wet white, I left for a walk in the park.

Always great to look down and see something looking up! Ah, we share this world with all species, but often we forget about them.

Portoviejo Ecuador

I poured the gifted sangria into a pretty glass! In the background is the wall sconce which needs something higher to balance against that white space…

The LinkedIn page just popped up to confirm the WordPress connection.  Will we have to do this with every new post?    Ah WordPress, things were just fine before these changes!

The pizza box…

Two coats of acrylic ‘roofing paint’ and then some fun hurried swirls of paint. So very easy!   Next I taped the edges to reinforce the shape.

The left-over mirrors from past projects… and a little heavy-duty glue…

Allowing another day for the mirrors to ‘set,’ the Pizza Van Gogh is ready to hang!

Dady also shared this cover of Starry Starry Night.

Here’s the Kathy Mattea SERFA talk:

and the Hope for the Galapagos fundraising page – go HERE.   (Updates needed for anyone who can provide info to what’s happening now.. the laptop battery is almost depleted!)  I found this ABC news link from this month:  ...Fleet Still Near Galapagos

Now I’ll hit ‘publish’ – and should be back online tomorrow or Tuesday.

Love to you all,