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Trekking across quinoa fields near Cayambe Ecuador

While staying at Hacienda Guachala near latitude 0 in Ecuador’s Andes, Hank & Marie Groff and I toured a rose production center as well as a quinoa farm a few mornings ago.   The pastoral landscape soothed our senses as we journeyed through the Andean countryside, far off the beaten path.

How can one have a bad day when views like this soothe the senses?

Who forgot to close the gate?!

Disconnect from your worries and go with us!  We need someone to help with the gates!

After early-morning duties at the hacienda, Manuel escorted us to several neighboring farms.

Early-morning llamas (Where’s our breakfast?)

Hide and go seek!

From Ecuador to your neighborhood florist; those roses clear many hurdles before being selected for export.

Xavier & Manuel – Don’t forget the rubber boots!

Quinoa Lessons from Xavier

How’s this for an up close and personal peek at the Andean super food?

Quinoa: lovely for the eyes, healthy for the body!

Does anyone else see quinoa’s resemblance to grain sorghum?

This quinoa feature  joins another great pool of posts for this week’s Story Challenge.  See the rest here.   Thanks, Frizztext, for tolerating three of my posts for the letter “Q.”

Photo by Marie Groff (Thanks, Marie!)

See you again soon!