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Yippee!  Somebody Loves Me!

Yippee! Somebody Loves Me!

Although I consider myself still in the elementary school level of WordPress, I am proud to be more seasoned as I begin year two.   Every so often someone mentions one of my posts, and a pingback arrives in the moderator’s box.   Of course I follow the ‘ping’ back to the source, and I read – with honor – what someone has said about my post.  Of course I thank him or her!

Which is real and which is a snake?

A snake in stealth mode…

The “Please moderate” notice states that someone commented on the post,  although recently I’ve trailed lots of pingbacks only to find that my post is one of many in a long string.   Most likely these people don’t even visit my post but copy and paste my entry along with the others and rack up visits to their own posts.  I don’t appreciate being manipulated to follow a pingback, only to find a duplicate list copied from the challenge home page.  If a comment were left behind, I would probably visit the pingback page and linger for a while on more than one post.

"Are you SURE you want to do this?" NO!  I am not sure!

“Are you SURE you want to do this?”   No! I’ think I want it to go in the spam folder!

Those pingbacks reek of spam; does anyone else share this irritation, or am I being too sensitive?  Many times their posts are well written and interesting, but the queue of sites that have been copied and pasted alter my respect for the post.    Is there a code of ethics for pingbacks on the weekly challenges?

I treasure your comments and pingbacks and love exploring new posts by people who leave a trail.   I don’t, however, appreciate generic pingbacks with no reciprocation.

They don't bite, but

They don’t bite, but I wish they’d stay out of my tree!

I welcome your feedback!