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Mary's Rainbow Zebra - Painted With Love

Mary’s Rainbow Zebra – Painted With Love – Acrylic Painting by Mary McDonald

My niece Karen sent images from snow-covered Little Rock, Arkansas last night and this morning.  (Thanks again, KK!)   Brrrrrrrrrr, the snow is lovely but I am happy to be where the sun is shining with coastal breezes and perpetual springtime temperatures!    I would love to feature photos from all of you that reflect your present weather. If you have any you’d like to share, send them to me at tzeebra (at) yahoo. com and I will be happy to design a post with round the world images of December’s weather!  (Remember to note the country or state or province!)

Two paintings have demanded my attention this week, and between holiday society and WordPress society (Thank you everyone!) and email greetings, I have not had time to even LOOK at the Christmas images on my camera!

Z-Frogs ---  Do they make you smile?

Z-Frogs — Do they make you smile?

This was “not so” for the McDonalds in San Clemente Ecuador!  John and Mary, who seem capable of leaping tall buildings with ease while juggling society and WordPress and images as well,  live a few hours down the coast!  They just served a triple dose of posts about their Navidad experience.   Reflect on your own Christmas memories and then see how the McDonalds celebrated – christmas-in-san-clemente-part-two  — I remain in awe of John’s Papa Noel role as the year-round jolly good man in San Clemente!

Painted With Love

Painted With Love by Mary

As is often said, ‘Behind every good man is a good woman,” and Dear Mary basks in the glow of her husband!   Tireless in her capacity to love, Mary spreads goodwill through her sensitive ways of giving.   Part one of the above series of posts shows some of the gifts from her heart, and part three shows how she combines forces with others for memorable events!  A kind gift of her heart to me came in the form of a zebra painting.

Mary explains in her comment on my postThanks Fairy Godmother, ” …the idea of painting a black and white zebra seemed inappropriate as a gift for my talented, multi-facetted, colorful friend! The end result was something my four year old grand-daughter noted, “Grandma, that’s not a zebra!” I told her, “Yes, it is. It’s a rainbow zebra.” I painted it to try to capture the joy that you bring to our lives with your spirit and paintings. I hope that my small gift brings to you a measure of that joy.” 

Here’s the amazing gift from her heart that smiles at me each day!

A Closer Look!

A Closer Look!  (Thanks, Mary!)

(This post won’t save and won’t preview, so I suppose this happy rainbow zebra demands a formal presentation NOW/HOY!)    May this post help us remember that the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart.

Thanks, dear Mary, for your kind and generous heart!