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Rabbit Rabbit!  Happy May Day!

Rabbit Rabbit! Happy May Day!

Painting late into the night and into the wee hours of the morning, I realized that a new month sneaked up on me! The good luck first words of the day, Rabbit Rabbit, ran through my head!   How many of you practice that tradition on the first day of each month?

P1570119 hacienda guachala rabbit

This cute black and white rabbit roams the grounds of Hacienda Guachala in Cayambe Ecuador.  It hip hops along the GPS point of latitude zero – how magical is that?!

P1570118 hacienda guachala rabbit

Rabbit rabbit, have you ever heard of the Morris dance?

Today is also May Day, and many schools will hold activities in celebration of the outdoors.  I will never forget when I worked in a design studio for a UK company, and one of our very-reserved supervisors broke out in an impromptu Morris dance!  I will forever treasure that memory!

I worked extremely late last night painting details on the ‘magic carpet’ section of the bodega floor.   In a few hours, the first coat of protective varnish will be applied. Would you like a sneak peek at details?

P1700401 floor detail butterfly

P1700407 floor detail ropes w real moth

P1700408 floor detail magic carpet tail

P1700412 magic carpet

Barbara suggested that I cut a peep hole in the upstairs’ floor in order to take the best photo of the magic carpet!      There are a few more tiny details to add when the light is better, and then it’s varnish time!

P1570121 hacienda guachala rabbit

Thanks for tuning in!  Rabbit rabbit and have a great May Day!