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(Ecuador) Otavalo Market - Rabbits

(Ecuador) Otavalo Market – Rabbits

Late last night as I was painting, I remembered we were approaching another Rabbit-Rabbit Day, and I visualized writing a post with a picture of a rabbit.   (See Rabbit Rabbit May Day.)  

While guests were sleeping, I painted this ginger in the breakfast room of Hotel Andino in Quito.

While guests were sleeping, I painted this ginger in the breakfast room of Hotel Andino in Quito. (No, I did not drink four bottles of wine!)

Because I painted late, and because I get weary arguing with the WordPress ‘Improved’ Write-New-Post options, I selected slumber over writing this post.   I was pleased, however, to participate in a poll that asks if you like the new editor or the classic one, which is now absent.  Hop over to Graham with Hats and add your voice.  ( There are four options:  73 % say they hate the new editor and it should be scrapped; 20% say they like the Classic;  10% want to be able to choose between the two options;  zero votes for “like the new editor.”) He also gave me a link to get back to the Classic editor, which you will find in the comments.    Freedfromtime-The New WP Editor.

Rabbit Rabbit!  (Hacienda Guachala)

Rabbit Rabbit! (Hacienda Guachala)

Morning arrived, and before I thought of Rabbit Rabbit Day,  Debbie’s post (Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua) booted all whimsical ideas out of the picture.  If you’ve been following the news about China building the Nicaragua Canal, you’ll understand why her post got my attention:  New Regulations for Nicaragua:  Mandarin Required

P1570121 hacienda guachala rabbit

Now it’s time to wish you a happy Rabbit Rabbit day and month, and Happy Easter week as well.  I am enjoying experiencing Holy Week in the Andes, quite different than on the Pacific coast.     I will also be attending a wedding at lovely Hacienda Guachala on Saturday, so the images and stories are stacking up in the ‘to share’ folders!

Guayaquil Studio Surprise Rabbit

Guayaquil Studio Surprise Rabbit

Listen to NPR’s “Say Rabbit Rabbit for 31 Days of Good Luck”

And beware of pranksters today!