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P1770942 fresh shrimp

…enough shrimp for EVERYONE!

Fresh Shrimp!

Fresh Shrimp!

…So I ended last week’s post about Fresh Shrimp with these words,  “Oh yes, I’m seriously hungry now!  Anyone want to meet me in town for lunch?!!!”

Carina, from ANYONE4CURRY&OTHERTHINGS quickly replied, “Yes, yes, yes – love to join you for lunch 🙂  🙂 We have some shrimp farms here in Kerala, but unfortunately I have never been there for the harvest. We have wonderful old Fort Cochin nearby and buy our fish/prawns etc. there – directly out of the Arabian Sea. Thanks for sharing this highly interesting harvest with us. Ciao, Carina :)”

P1700416 bodega floor feather detail

I replied, “Shall I send the flying carpet for you? I think the restaurant can handle about 40 people — maybe others will come as well! ( I wonder how many the carpet can hold without crashing!)”

Shrimp, anyone?

Shrimp, anyone?

Then CLANMOTHER commented, “…I’m coming over for dinner! :)”

What-about-me WANDERLUST Meredith chimed in, “Yes, send the flying carpet for me too – I’m close to Carina in Kerala so that shouldn’t add too much extra time!  :)” and later added, “You’d better get everybody fired up and cooking their favourites, because the trip will be a hard act to follow! :)”

P1690112 punta prieta shrimp dnner

PATTIHALL joined the conversation, “Well, I’m in the U.S and need a special envoy magic carpet. I will sit and enjoy my vicarious tours with until it arrives. If timed right they could bring shrimp for me to eat on the long journey.  I LOVE these tours with you.”

Janet/Sustainabilitea agreed, “What fun, Z, although not for the shrimp! Thanks and I’m on my way for lunch…or cocktails…or dinner…or…

P1690018 punta prieta alonzo y vino

Mary/PastelsbyMary said, “You can bet I’ll be there, okay I’m a day late- I wouldn’t miss fresh shrimp for anything.”

AnotherDayInParadise chimed in, “That’s such a lot of shrimp. I’d love to meet you in town for lunch. It looks delicious. :)”

P1690121 wine

So what was a Southern Girl to do except try to make this happen?!!!

 ROUND THE WORLD CHECK-OUT RIDE  set the event in motion.  Two days later the magic carpet made 37 touch and go’s in 16 countries, sailed through a sprinkling of meteors, and delivered us safely to our full-moon beach fiesta.

Thanks, everyone, for helping make this historic flight a success!  We have amazing stories to share about the round-the world journey, including several about  Debbie’s mascot, Hope the Howler Monkey!

A special thanks goes to Frizztext for the refreshing surprise post, FEMALE PICASSO IN ECUADOR.