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P2460721 cormorants

Neotropic Cormorants /Poza Honda/Ecuador

“The friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.” ~Elbert Hubbard, The Notebook, 1927

Our friend Hugh Curtler wrote this week about Friendship, a post worth pondering.  Reading off line, I wrote a reply to send when on line (now) but circumstances  dictate responding via a just-received example of friendship.

In my unhurried off-line reply, I mentioned one dear friend who emails about twice a month.  She always asks, “Lisa, How are you?  How’s your back?   Do you need anything?   Are you OK?”


Dady inspecting the Squirrel Cuckoo watercolor at Museo Portoviejo

This past Tuesday I dropped a music CD at her house after visiting the nearby Portoviejo Museo.  Stocked with ‘survival’ groceries in case the heavy rains provoked more mud slides, I needed to get home before dark.

At sunset I photographed the reservoir, which lacked about a sneeze worth’s of water to send the excess over the spillway.

P2470156 feb 19 view from dam of reservoirP2470152 feb 19 noon reservoir dam re presa almost fullP2470160 feb 19 water almost over the damP2470153 feb 19 reservoir water level almost spilling over dam

P2470159 stilt at dam

That night and last night we received more heavy rains.     The waters now reach the high-water level, and the surplus is surely generating enough electricity to illuminate the planet!

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Water hyacinths cascade over the spillway, and chocolate-colored water marks the beginning of Rio Portoviejo.  After taking photos, I drove to Ayacucho to make progress on neglected cyber tasks.

Waiting in the inbox was an email from my friend Dady.  The subject read “Lisa Are You OK?”

“Hmmm,” I thought, “she must know more about something than I!”

Her email contained only attachments, which I viewed via the thumbnail option.  Attached were images of flooded communities, of equipment clearing debris, of the water-level gauge at the dam, and a video (which I have not viewed)

The roads are cleared almost daily – good job, municipality!   On pretty days I check the water, and when it’s raining, I paint!

P2440936 spathe study watercolor

The shadow shows which is real; the others are watercolor.


P2460633 MASKED WATER TYRANTS poza honda ecuador

All’s fine; the dancing Water Tyrants celebrate the sun!

I assured her (and all of you!) that I am fine, the pantry is stocked – in fact today I made a pesto with fresh moringa, basil, cilantro and chochos.   Yum yum!    Jorge’s little hamlet of five houses is ‘above’ the dam, and just far enough from the reservoir to be totally safe.     If fallen trees or mudslides should block the roads, we can always wave for the taxi boats.

P1480794 taxi boats

The water level is much higher!

I’ve been painting – a vast assortment of styles…   Heavy rains always nudge me into painting frenzies!  Scroll through the slide show and see the varied moods of this new year’s studies!

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Looking for news on line, I found an old video from 2016 that shows the reservoir and dam.   I drive through this gate and across the dam to reach home base.

Hopefully I’ll be back on line tomorrow, sunny skies permitting.  If not, soon!

I look forward to knowing which painting you liked most!

P2070622 august 1 smooth billed ani

Smooth-billed Ani