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After finishing a painting session today, I prepared a chicken for the crock pot, then took a long leisurely walk to Playamart.  I needed to restock my supply of beach rocks!

Returning home,  I washed the latest Playamart treasures then painted a handful of new rocks.  I returned to the kitchen to prepare stuffed achojcha.  How could I have spent so much time in this country and be just now discovering this incredible vegetable?! (This past week, achojchas cost ten cents each at the local market.)


Dice one large onion, one large green pepper, jalapenos if desired, and one achojcha.  Saute over low heat about five minutes, long enough to wilt the vegetables but not fully cook them.   Add one cup diced cooked chicken;  stir and cook five minutes.  Add one large chopped tomato to above and cook five more minutes.   Add one cup cooked quinoa;  mix well and cook several minutes.  Set aside.

Slice ends from achojcha and remove seeds.  (It’s so easy!)  Allow 1 or 2 per person, depending on menu.    An alternative method is to make a long slice along the length of the vegetable.

Add 1 cup grated cheese to the chicken/quinoa mixture and stir well.  (Shown: Mozzarella)  With spoon, carefully stuff the mixture into the achojchas.  The ‘end cap’ easily pushes inside the achojcha.

They are now ready for the final step:   These were steamed. Other options: cover and bake with a little water, chicken broth or tomato sauce for ten minutes in a hot oven.  They may also be heated in a covered skillet – ten minutes on low heat or until tender.

Both methods of stuffing are shown to the right.  Pictured, also, is Mango-Camote Salad.  (Peel and shred equal parts green mango and raw camote/sweet potato)  Add thinly sliced,diced fresh ginger, diced green onion tops and juice from one fresh lemon.