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Ten dollars = lot of potential for creative cooking!

Having two days’ vacation from the Museo Portoviejo Exhibition, I have enjoyed exploring the possibilities for this week’s photo challenges.   Where’s My Backpack  presented one that triggered a grand creative impulse:  Food!  In Latin America,  just-picked fruits and vegetables all but quarrel with one another to star in the special of the day!  Here’s an eclectic assortment of “What’s Cooking” in Z’s kitchen for this week’s challenge of “FOOD.”

Vegetable Market, Cuenca, Ecuador

Stuffed achojcha with green mango & camote salad

Pitalla (Dragonfruit) – Rivas Market,  Nicaragua

Pitalla Salad- so great and comforting with only lemon and garlic!

Pitalla-tomato sauce over chicken & pasta- A little queso fresco added to the top would be perfect!

Quinoa Crisps with Braised Tomatoes

Hibiscus isn’t JUST for tea!


Hibiscus Gumbo over Corvina (left) or traditional style (right)

Starfruit (Carambola) and Hibiscus make a beautiful, fragrant and delicious tea, though carambola also marries well with pork!

Careful! The juice from the Carambola/Starfruit will stain your clothes!

It’s also a great mystery flavor for Green Papaya Salad!

Green Papaya Salad

 Green Papaya Salad

With all of these choices, we surely need a dessert for the finale!        (…But what’s for dessert when one doesn’t have an oven?)

A creative mind improvises: Brownies in a Skillet!!!

Thanks, Where’s My Backpack, for a great challenge… but for some reason, I’m ravenous!    What’s cooking, by the way?!!!                   🙂 Z