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Fashionably behind on Frizztext’s story challenges, I scanned my old posts and wondered how to catch up on the letters R, S and T.

One early post reflects a two for one for the letters S & T!  I am magically transported back to a Carl-Sagan night when I view images taken from Hank and Marie Groff’s home in Costa Rica.   We gawked skyward in awe as the moon changed moods from hour to hour.      The Solstice Eclipse pairs the eclipse images with qutoes from Thoreau.

From the field to your local florist; Roses from Ecuador!

R – Ecuador: After touring the rose facility near Hacienda Guachala in Ecuador, I left with greater respect for the roses that are shipped around the globe. Each rose passes through multiple inspection stations, where they are sorted according to size, length of stem and color. Some are culled because the bud will never open; some have minute blemishes. They even face dangers from bacterial blights! After clearing inspection, the roses are carefully packed and sorted and labeled before they are moved to refrigeration.   Before the tour, I assumed that roses were grown, cut, sorted, boxed and shipped in an easy field-to-florist process! Now I’ll inspect roses with new-found knowledge and wonder if their origin was Ecuador’s latitude zero!

The Many Stations of Rose Production

S – Costa Rica: When sleeping in the rancho loft in Costa Rica, I heard a sound during the night. Suspecting the local burglars, I tiptoed downstairs and wondered if the thieves who stole the Trooper’s battery were back to steal the tires. Hearing no new sounds, I flipped on the kitchen light. To my horror, the resident spotted skunk greeted me from its perch on the kitchen counter! My Hollywood scream would surely have won an Oscar, and yes, I scared the skunk as much as the skunk scared me!

Shhhh; don’t wake the sleeping skunk!

It was my favorite tree.

T – Ecuador   T stands for Trees!   I never grow tired of seeing Ecuador’s amazing ceibo trees,  Ceiba trichistandra    For classic photos of this amazing tree, see my post, The Magnificent Ceibo Trees.  

“Van Gogh Ceibo” – Acrylic by Lisa Brunetti

See a stunning ‘tracks’ image featured on Frizztext’s Story Challenge T.   Thanks, everyone, for staying with me as I catch up on posts!