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P1830330 path clematis

“Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain”  Thoreau

P1830331 path clematis

Mindo Ecuador – My friends and I walked part of their property this past week, and we noted a clematis-like vine that sprawled along a damp ditch and climbed across anything in its path. Stopping to inspect a butterfly with delicate glass-like wings, we discovered a treasure of insects we might have otherwise missed.

P1830331 path clematis

How often we chase the elusive rainbow, while an equally satisfying treasurer lurks intimately nearby!

P1830336 BUTTERF;U

Very limited for time, I share these photos, though the butterfly pencil studies are as elusive as that rainbow!


This week, slow down and inspect what’s lurking nearby.  You might be rewarded with some amazing jewels!

P1830349 wasps y butterfly

P1830361 butterfly P1830405 CLEMATIS INSECTS P1830413 CLEMATIS BUTTERFLY P1830448beetle58 P1830458 CLEMATIS BUTTERFLY

In another hummingbird-watching area, this precious little one seemed to be watching me!  Does anyone have any idea what species this might be?


Is the yellow crown real or is it a dusting of pollen?

This timeout for art is posted a bit early while taking a really fast timeout for internet while in town!    Most likely I will be offline until Tuesday of next week.

(Remember to mark the equinox!)