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Playa Rosada – Nicaragua

This week’s Let’s Be Wild website is accepting entries in the Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for Sunsets. They stress the importance of enjoying nature – a no brainer for a nature lover like me! Living on the Pacific coast of Latin America has provided a bounty of stunning sunset Pacific views, from El Salvador to Ecuador! Here are some of my favorites!


(Sorry; there’s no sunset image from El Salvador, but will a late-afternoon border-crossing image work?!!!)

Ahhhh; relax and reflect! – Playa Rosada Nicaragua

Views of the ocean can be soothing one minute…

…and agressive the next… Playa Rosada, Nicaragua

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

This image illustrates why Playa San Miguel is considered one of the most-beautiful beaches in Costa Rica!

Classic Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica – Image copyright/Lisa Brunetti

Oh! To step into this scene would enhance the quality of anyone’s day!  Multicultural Memories overlooking Playa Bejuco, Costa Rica – Image copyright Lisa Brunetti

Hank & Marie – Sunset Calm overlooking Playa Bejuco – image by Lisa Brunetti

Solstice Alignment – Balboa Yacht Club – Republic of Panama – Image copyright/Lisa B.

(Above) Sometimes any photo is better than none to record the sun’s alignment during the annual equinox and solstice dates!

Manglaralto Ecuador

Colors slipping into the sky…  Riverhouse/Ecuador

After the rains – Ecuador

She returns to her rightful home.   Costa Rica

Although we associate warm colors with sunsets, other colors sometimes coax us into twighlight.   After watching the olive ridley sea turtle return to her home in the ocean, I basked in the final cool colors of the day.

End Of Day Reflections – Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

May all of your days end as tranquil as this!

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