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Reflecting on a twelve-month journey through WordPress.

WordPress tossed us a tempting challenge for this end-of-the year photo challenge.   With pleasure, I present some of the highlights of 2012.

02 ceibo Lisas fav 2

This amazing tree was felled this past year.

The Magnificent Ceibos  Read about Ecuador’s amazing ceibo trees, cousins to the ceiba that grows in other parts of the tropical world.

gracias adios p1240507

The Undertow   At times sadness touches our lives.  This poem, The Undertow, has always helped me remember not to judge others and to have empathy for all.

Between Rocafuerte and Portoviejo - Manabi - Ecuador

Between Rocafuerte and Portoviejo – Manabi – Ecuador

Flooding Continues    When the skies turn off their taps in Central America, they compensate by opening the valves over South America!   Reflecting on this past year’s rainy season reminds me to stock the pantry!  Some are predicting an El Nino year.  Time will soon tell, as the rainy season is approaching!

luchy y lisa P1350479

It Started With One Light Pole   Ah! A small token of encouragement and friendship often plays a much-larger role in a much-larger picture.  “Who would’ve thunk?”

But sometimes Mother Nature bites back!!!!

But sometimes Mother Nature bites back!!!!

Nature Strikes Back Oh my. This reflects a personal torment that’s shadowed me for over a year! This is one of many posts about my concern for the mangroves where I live.

guest book P1520054

Museum Cancebi/ Manta Ecuador Guest Book

My Cup Runneth Over Little did I know that this Mola Series Exhibition would expand into three museum shows in four months! I continue to be humbled and sobered by the amazing reception and feedback that this new style of painting has received. Thank you, everyone, who has been part of the cheering section!

Signing Bookmarks

Signing Bookmarks 0 Museum Portoviejo (Ecuador)

Counting Blessings 
Every so often someone comes along and touches your heart deeply.   This entire group of young women touched my heart when their field trip brought them to the Mola Series Exhibition in Portoviejo Ecuador.   We realize how lucky we are and how far just a few minutes of genuine attention will go.

white for peace P1550706

Stepping Forward For Peace Bahia, Ecuador – The third showing of the Mola Series was at Museo Bahia de Caraquez. While a guest at the museum, I witnessed an amazing march for peace! I grabbed my camera and bolted downstairs to record the moment!

(Want a closer look at that 5-door pickup?)

(Want a closer look at that 5-door pickup?)

Inspiration – When The World Outside My Window Goes Insane (Don Koen) – What inspires me? If I am ever suffering from a ‘poor me’ kind of day, this is my count-your-blessings wake-up call! Don inspires me every day of my life.

Acrylic on Concrete Floor - Design by Lisa Brunetti

Acrylic on Concrete

P Is For Painting! Three museum shows in four months depleted my energies, and I’m not surprised that I spent a month of downtime recovering from an illness! Thankfully I could read, write and reflect! This post showcases some of my paintings.

One foot in the northern hemisphere;  one foot in the southern one!

One foot in the northern hemisphere; one foot in the southern one!

Escape To The Middle Of The World Marie later confessed that I scared her when she saw me for the first time in over a year. I had warned her, “I am very lean,” and I had learned the day before that I was also anemic. I had also assured her that I was finally well, and with each day a bit stronger. What better way to recover than disconnecting from responsibilities at home and spending two weeks in tourist mode! We had a great time visiting the Andes before going to the Pacific coast where I live.

P1120144 remembering cuenca hank marie lisa

Creative Home Security Before leaving, Hank and Marie helped design and paint the new security panel for the window!

P1600824 Nina in my lap

Children & Their Gifts – Ah, the innocence of children will warm anyone’s heart!

There will be many great posts for this challenge; take time to visit some amazing bloggers and their favorites of the year!  Weekly Photo Challenge My 2012 In Pictures.

Thanks, everyone, for your support, kindness, encouragement and goodwill.